Hard Drive, Partition and RAID Recovery Tools

Disk Recovery Wizard

Recover files and folders from healthy and damaged partitions, formatted, repartitioned and inaccessible hard drives.

Disk Recovery Wizard Box

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Disk Recovery Wizard is our top of the line data recovery product allowing to undelete files from healthy disks as well as to recover information from damaged, repartitioned and unreadable volumes.

Combining sophisticated data recovery algorithms with easy step by step wizards, Disk Recovery Wizard is used by thousands happy home and office customers.

Supporting FAT, NTFS, ext2 and ext3 recovery, Disk Recovery Wizard can quickly extract information from existing volumes or thoroughly scan the entire hard drive in order to locate recoverable files by analyzing data blocks in raw mode...read full review

NTFS Recovery Wizard

Recover files and folders from healthy, damaged, formatted and inaccessible NTFS volumes even if your version of Windows does not support NTFS.

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NTFS Recovery Wizard offers all of the same features as our top of the line products at a fraction of the price by dedicating its recovery efforts to NTFS-formatted partitions. The NTFS recovery tool recovers files and folders from healthy and damaged volumes from all types of storage media as long as it was formatted with the NTFS file system.

NTFS Recovery Wizard can be used to recover information from formatted volumes, repartitioned disks, damaged, corrupted and inaccessible hard drives.

The tool employs a comprehensive data recovery algorithm that analyzes raw data read directly from the disk surface in order to successfully identify and recover files by their signature...read full review

Tools to Undelete Files and Recover Data

Office Recovery Wizard

Recover and repair office documents.

Office Recovery Wizard Box

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Office Recovery Wizard recovers lost and deleted documents produced by Microsoft Office 95-2010, OpenOffice 1 and 2, and StarOffice.

Office Recovery Wizard uses all of the same high-end recovery algorithms as our top of the line product, scanning the entire disk surface in raw mode in order to reliably identify and extract missing documents stored on a disk that is badly damaged, corrupted or completely inaccessible.

Combining two useful tools in a single product, Office Recovery Wizard will not only undelete the files, but go as far as to repair damaged documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other office documents so that you can actually use them with the office suite...read full review

Undelete Wizard

An easy to use undelete tool at a bargain price.

Undelete Wizard Box

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Undelete Wizard recovers deleted files from healthy FAT and NTFS storage media. Undelete Wizard is one of the most powerful undelete tools on the market, scanning the entire disk or partition in raw mode in order to locate and recover deleted files.

The tool is extremely affordable. As long as you can access your disk, you can use Undelete Wizard to successfully recover deleted files, pictures, documents and other types of data.

Supporting all types of storage media including hard disks, SSD drives, USB memory sticks and all types of memory cards, Undelete Wizard can successfully recover files that were erased a minute or a few months ago...read full review

Media Recovery Wizard

Recover pictures, videos and music from all kinds of flash drives and memory cards.

Media Recovery Wizard Box

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Media Recovery Wizard recovers all types of multimedia files such as digital pictures (including RAW files), music and videos in a wide range of formats. Supporting formatted, damaged and inaccessible memory cards, Media Recovery Wizard can reliably recover lost and deleted images, audio and video footage with a step-by-step wizard.

Media Recovery Wizard shares high-end data recovery algorithms with our top of the line tools, reliably detecting recoverable files on formatted, corrupted and inaccessible memory cards by scanning its entire content.

The tool features instant pre-recovery preview, allowing to view deleted pictures, play back music and videos before they’ve been recovered. You can save recoverable files to a hard disk or a number of other supported locations...read full review

Free Wipe Wizard

Ensure complete confidentiality of your erased data with a simple free tool.

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Free Wipe Wizard erases private and files and wipes sensitive information in a secure manner. We guarantee that the file erased with Free Wipe Wizard can never be recovered with any other tool. Even if your disk lands in the hands of F.B.I. your erased information remains inaccessible. The erased information will hold secure even if special methods are used to sense weak magnetic information off your hard disk surface!...read full review

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