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Types of Licenses

At this time, we are offering three types of licenses for NTFS Recovery Wizard:

Types of Licenses
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Standard License

The Standard License covers most residential customers, allowing to use NTFS Recovery Wizard at home for non-professional, non-commercial purposes. Registered non-profit entities and educational institutions are eligible to use the Standard license on a single PC per license. The use of NTFS Recovery Wizard by commercial organizations or by residential customers for business purposes is explicitly disallowed by this license. Individuals providing data recovery services to their customers cannot use this license.


Business License

Government organizations (except non-profit and educational institutions), business and corporate entities are required to purchase a Business License unless providing data recovery services to their customers, in which case they would be required to purchase the Professional License.


Professional License

Data recovery professionals, whether incorporated or acting as private entities, are required to purchase the Professional License in order to be able to provide data recovery services to their customers. The Professional License can be permanently installed on one PC. Temporary installations are allowed for a period of up to 24 hours if the product is installed on customer’s computers with the purpose of single-time information recovery, provided that the temporary copy of the product is destroyed (uninstalled) after the data recovery case is closed or after 24 hours after initial installation, whichever comes first.


Instant Delivery

In order to receive your license instantly, you must place an online order using a credit card. If you order online with a credit card, your license will be delivered the instant your credit card payment is authorized by our payment processor. All orders are processed securely by PayProGlobal.com, a PCI-compliant online payment processor. All personal and financial information is transmitted securely encrypted via HTTPS protocol. As soon as we’re notified that your credit card has been successfully authorized, we will issue a registration key that will instantly unlock your copy of the product.

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