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Adding magic to the technically complicated process of data recovery is the motto of our company. WizardRecovery specializes in delivering usable products in the area of file and data recovery. Fixing corrupted partitions, repairing damaged files and folders, undeleting the deleted and unformatting the formatted are our ultimate goals.

You’ll never get lost with the WizardRecovery line of products. Being among the first on the highly competitive data recovery market to implement the straightforward, easy-to-use wizard-based interface into technologically advanced, highly sophisticated data recovery products WizardRecovery leads the market with its innovative technologies and personal treatment to every customer.

Our dedication to customer service is reflected in our products. Unlike competition, we put top priority to your most important information. WizardRecovery products always attempt to recover your important Office documents and family pictures ahead of anything else. Hard disks and other computer equipment gets cheaper by the hour, while your work and family archives only gain in value with the time. Concentrating the effort on restoring what really matters makes us a proud consumer-friendly company.

WizardRecovery is leading the data recovery market in marketing the most technically advanced and technologically sophisticated products that are on the edge of technology. With the team of highly experienced data recovery and usability experts, WizardRecovery is able to integrate hi-tech and user-friendliness into a synergetic product. Marketing the complete line of data recovery tools, WizardRecovery products cover everything from accidentally deleted files to seriously damaged hard disks and partitions.

We manufacture products for restoring data on all kinds of media, including computer hard drives, digital cameras and portable electronics, USB drives and solid-state digital memory cards. Supporting Windows family of operating systems and the deep knowledge and expertise with low-level structures of all versions of FAT and NTFS file systems allows WizardRecovery products to do pure magic, saving you in the most difficult cases and salvaging lost data and corrupted hard disks.

Try any one of WizardRecovery products, and there will be no going back for you due to the unique ease of use combined with sure-footed recovery of disks, files and data you thought were lost forever!

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