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If something happens to your hard drive, files or data, do you know your choices of data recovery options? With the abundance of data recovery solutions by various manufacturers, it becomes harder and harder to make an informed decision. WizardRecovery Company offers a whole line of data recovery tools to help you fix the consequences of just about anything that could happen to your hard drive, flash memory cards or other media. This article attempts to educate consumers about their options in data recovery by analyzing WizardRecoveryís like of recovery products.

Crashed Disks, Formatted Partitions, Repartitioned Drives

If youíve formatted a partition by accident or were attacked by a virus, repartitioned a hard drive or can no longer access a disk, you may want to fix the disk and get it up and running without losing your files and data. If thatís the case, Disk Recovery Wizard will help you by recovering files and data, repairing FAT and NTFS partitions, unformating the disk, or fixing partition tables and MBR without the need to send the disk to a data recovery company. Disk Recovery Wizard is designed to be used by users with little or no prior experience in data recovery, and works completely automatically.

Deleted Files, Lost Data

If you youíve deleted one or more files or documents, lost contents of a flash memory drive, or experienced data loss after a system crash, Undelete Wizard will help you recover all types of data. Users if newer operating systems such as Windows XP or Vista can save by getting NTFS Recovery Wizard to only recover data from NTFS volumes, while users of older systems such as Windows 95, 98 or ME can save by obtaining Undelete Wizard to restore data from disks. Undelete Wizard also comes handy as a cost-effective solution to recover flash memory cards and other types of storage media formatted with FAT or FAT32.

Special Issues

You can save even more if you only need to recover specific file types. For example, Media Recovery Wizard will recover digital pictures from hard disks, digital cameras and flash memory cards. If you shoot RAW, Media Recovery Wizard can recover RAW files as well. Office Recovery Wizard fixes lost or deleted files by Microsoft Office.

Common Technologies

Every product offered by WizardRecovery Company bears several unique technologies that are rarely available in products with similar price tags. Smart Scan scans the entire surface of the disk in order to locate and recover more than 150 types of files. The technology helps recover data from reformatted and repartitioned disks and hard drives with damaged or missing file system. Live Preview helps to make a better decision on recovering files by allowing users to preview their content before the recovery. Both technologies work in free as well as full versions of WizardRecoveryís products. Download and try data recovery tool for free at!

Undelete Wizard

Undelete Wizard will find the files you deleted and recover them easily and automatically.

Undelete Wizard Box

Undelete files easily like a pro! Emptied Windows Recycle Bin? Deleted files a long time ago? Canít access a flash memory card? Undelete Wizard recovers files deleted from any media quickly, securely and completely automatically! Hard disks and memory cards, USB drives and RAID arrays, FAT and NTFS are supported on all versions of Windows.

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