One of the most popular data recovery products on the market, Disk Recovery Wizard, gets a major facelift. Its manufacturer, WizardRecovery Inc., updates the disk recovery tool with a host of additional file formats, simplified user interface, and better pre-recovery preview. The newest release of the hard drive recovery tool boosts the number of supported file formats to 230.

Disk Recovery Wizard offers Windows users a complete set of hard disk recovery tools to successfully undelete deleted files and recover lost data, as well as repair corrupted partitions. Supporting all types and revisions of FAT and NTFS file systems and running under all versions of Windows up to latest Windows Vista, Windows 7, and 2008 Server, Disk Recovery Wizard gives users just the right hard disk recovery tool to recover corrupted disks, undelete erased files and folders, and unformat formatted partitions. The NTFS recovery tool can fix most types of damage on NTFS drives, while all types of corrupted disks, inaccessible hard drives and partitions, unbootable and repartitioned hard drives can be repaired. The data recovery tool supports all kinds of storage media including desktop and laptop hard drives, USB disks, memory cards, and flash sticks.

Years of perfection ensured that the highest technologies made their way to Disk Recovery Wizard. Thanks to the proprietary low-level disk recovery engine, Disk Recovery Wizard will help you get your data back in the safest and most reliable manner possible.

To successfully recover data from corrupted, damaged and formatted hard drives and other media, Disk Recovery Wizard relies on a sophisticated hard disk recovery and data recovery engine called PowerSearch. PowerSearch uses a database of file signatures to detect known types of files during the disk scan. By performing full disk scans with database-fed signature detection, PowerSearch is able to successfully locate and recover files that no longer appear in the file system.

The database of recognizable file formats is essential for successful data recovery and PowerSearch operation. The more formats it supports, the more types of files can be recovered from damaged, formatted and inaccessible storage media. The latest edition of Disk Recovery Wizard improves hard disk recovery by adding multiple new file formats to the database, boosting the number of recognizable types of files to around 230. The newest version of the NTFS recovery tool can therefore recover more types of files than competition.

The same database of recognizable file formats feeds another signature feature of Disk Recovery Wizard, the Live Preview. Live Preview allows users to view recoverable files before restoring them. The latest release of Disk Recovery Wizard is able to preview more types of files than competition, driving the number of supported formats to about 230.

The free evaluation version of Disk Recovery Wizard offers full Live Preview and includes PowerSearch.

Disk Recovery Wizard

Recover files from the entire disk in few easy steps. Disk Recovery Wizard offers a full set of tools to successfully recover data from corrupted partitions and inaccessible drives.

Disk Recovery Wizard Box

Save time and money by recovering data from a damaged disk at the convenience of your home! Disk Recovery Wizard makes recovering data from a failed hard disk a simple matter of clicking on the “Next” button. Powerful data recovery algorithms ensure the best results when recovering files and folders from corrupted disks, undeleting deleted files and recovering data from formatted partitions. Inaccessible disks, unbootable Windows and repartitioned hard drives quickly become non-issues with Disk Recovery Wizard!

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