Benefits of Disk Recovery Wizard

As it is known, loss of data on disks or other media can be very expensive. Often there are situations when some information canít be restored from any sources. In this case, you extremely need special software which is capable to help you very fast.

Disk Recovery Wizard helps to recover any data on your hard drive or inaccessible disk. With the program, you can do the recovery yourself, and you will understand that it is not so hard at all. Moreover, Disk Recovery Wizard can help recover data if some disks have been reformatted.

Usually, the data recovery process takes not only a lot of time, but also considerable efforts. But it is not so in our case. With Disk Recovery Wizard, an ordinary user can recover data. After you define that the data on a disk requires restoration, you load the program and specify data that needs to be restored. Then, pressing just one button begins the process. It is very convenient that Disk Recovery Wizard can be used with any version of Windows system. The program support both FAT and NTFS file systems. The program can help you recover data more then 250 formats.

Disk Recovery Wizard has a very useful technology which allows to preview files and documents before recovering. This technology supports a lot of file formats, such as Microsoft Word documents, different picture, movie and music formats. It is improbable that the program can even open and show archive documents with RAR and ZIP file formats. The most important advantage of the technology is that you can see is it possible to recover data on some disk or not. So, if you can open definite documents with the program, it means that it can be recovered.

Another very useful technology of Disk Recovery Wizard is Power Search. It allows to recover a lot of files in more than a hundred formats that are located on damaged, formatted or repartitioned disks. This technology is being developed all the time, adding new file formats. Today, it can recover more then 170 file types. Power Search helps to detect the location of files which were lost. It can work even in cases when a file system canít find some data.

Power Search employs the complete scan and analysis of the hard disk. It finds the location of certain types of documents. It reads the data of the disk sector by sector and finds all known types of files which have definite signature characteristics. And just after detecting the beginning of a file, it is easier to recover any files close to the original.

It is very important not to miss a possibility to restore data which has a considerable value for you. If you need to restore any information on disks, the best solution is to take advantage of Disk Recovery Wizard. Disk Recovery Wizard provides a good combination of sophisticated technology and the necessary user friendliness. And it is very important not to be late, because it is better to recover any important information as soon as possible. The faster you will make it, the more chances of success you'll get. Remember, while you are waiting, some information can be lost forever. It is well known that each disk write reduces your chances of getting your data back. Just download Disk Recovery Wizard now and recover data on your disk while it is not too late.

Disk Recovery Wizard

Recover files from the entire disk in few easy steps. Disk Recovery Wizard offers a full set of tools to successfully recover data from corrupted partitions and inaccessible drives.

Disk Recovery Wizard Box

Save time and money by recovering data from a damaged disk at the convenience of your home! Disk Recovery Wizard makes recovering data from a failed hard disk a simple matter of clicking on the ďNextĒ button. Powerful data recovery algorithms ensure the best results when recovering files and folders from corrupted disks, undeleting deleted files and recovering data from formatted partitions. Inaccessible disks, unbootable Windows and repartitioned hard drives quickly become non-issues with Disk Recovery Wizard!

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