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Buy the Right Data Recovery Tool

Crashed hard drive? Lost all pictures from a memory card? Reformatted a disk? If you lose data, the market has numerous data recovery tools to offer. But which one of the many offerings should you choose?

There are literally hundreds of various data recovery products on the market. All of them are different, solving certain problems. Can you identify your problem?

Some tools recover files from FAT disks or NTFS partitions. Other tools can fix damaged file systems and boot records, while some other tools can’t. There are tools to recover digital pictures and tools to recover lost email. Identify the exact problem you are having before you even start looking for a data recovery solution.

Many companies are proud of their technologies, inventing various brand names for some recovery algorithms. Can you read through the marketing hype to pick the right data recovery tool?

It is easy to choose the right tool when choosing among the wide range of data recovery product offered by WizardRecovery Company. The most universal data recovery solution that recovers everything from FAT and NTFS volumes, unformats formatted disks and recovers re-partitioned hard drives is Disk Recovery Wizard.

If repairing the file system is not required, Undelete Wizard and NTFS Recovery Wizard will serve you just as well. These products will only recover your files and all kinds of data such as office documents, digital pictures and compressed archives, but will not repair the file system or the MBR. Undelete Wizard will recover deleted files from partitions, NTFS Recovery Wizard from NTFS drives. It’s that simple.

Finally, there are Media Recovery Wizard and Office Recovery Wizard to recover files of only a certain type. Media Recovery Wizard will recover digital pictures including RAW files if you shoot SLR, Office Recovery Wizard will recover lost and deleted Microsoft Office files.

All products manufactured by WizardRecovery Company feature the same sophisticated data recovery technologies. Smart Scan allows recovering files and data from badly damaged, reformatted and repartitioned disks, while Live Preview allows seeing real live previews of every recoverable document before the recovery.

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