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Buy the Right Data Recovery Tool

Crashed hard drive? Lost all pictures from a memory card? Reformatted a disk? If you lose data, the market has numerous data recovery tools to offer. But which one of the many offerings should you choose?

There are literally hundreds of various data recovery products on the market. All of them are different, solving certain problems. Can you identify your problem?

Some tools recover files from FAT disks or NTFS partitions. Other tools can fix damaged file systems and boot records, while some other tools can’t. There are tools to recover digital pictures and tools to recover lost email. Identify the exact problem you are having before you even start looking for a data recovery solution.

Many companies are proud of their technologies, inventing various brand names for some recovery algorithms. Can you read through the marketing hype to pick the right data recovery tool?

It is easy to choose the right tool when choosing among the wide range of data recovery product offered by WizardRecovery Company. The most universal data recovery solution that recovers everything from FAT and NTFS volumes, unformats formatted disks and recovers re-partitioned hard drives is Disk Recovery Wizard.

If repairing the file system is not required, Undelete Wizard and NTFS Recovery Wizard will serve you just as well. These products will only recover your files and all kinds of data such as office documents, digital pictures and compressed archives, but will not repair the file system or the MBR. Undelete Wizard will recover deleted files from partitions, NTFS Recovery Wizard from NTFS drives. It’s that simple.

Finally, there are Media Recovery Wizard and Office Recovery Wizard to recover files of only a certain type. Media Recovery Wizard will recover digital pictures including RAW files if you shoot SLR, Office Recovery Wizard will recover lost and deleted Microsoft Office files.

All products manufactured by WizardRecovery Company feature the same sophisticated data recovery technologies. Smart Scan allows recovering files and data from badly damaged, reformatted and repartitioned disks, while Live Preview allows seeing real live previews of every recoverable document before the recovery.

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disk recovery benefits

Benefits of Disk Recovery Wizard

As it is known, loss of data on disks or other media can be very expensive. Often there are situations when some information can’t be restored from any sources. In this case, you extremely need special software which is capable to help you very fast.

Disk Recovery Wizard helps to recover any data on your hard drive or inaccessible disk. With the program, you can do the recovery yourself, and you will understand that it is not so hard at all. Moreover, Disk Recovery Wizard can help recover data if some disks have been reformatted.

Disk Recovery Wizard has a very useful technology which allows to preview files and documents before recovering. This technology supports a lot of file formats, such as Microsoft Word documents, different picture, movie and music formats. It is improbable that the program can even open and show archive documents with RAR and ZIP file formats. The most important advantage of the technology is that you can see is it possible to recover data on some disk or not. So, if you can open definite documents with the program, it means that it can be recovered.

Another very useful technology of Disk Recovery Wizard is Power Search. It allows to recover a lot of files in more than a hundred formats that are located on damaged, formatted or repartitioned disks. This technology is being developed all the time, adding new file formats. Today, it can recover more then 170 file types. Power Search helps to detect the location of files which were lost. It can work even in cases when a file system can’t find some data.

Power Search employs the complete scan and analysis of the hard disk. It finds the location of certain types of documents. It reads the data of the disk sector by sector and finds all known types of files which have definite signature characteristics. And just after detecting the beginning of a file, it is easier to recover any files close to the original.

It is very important not to miss a possibility to restore data which has a considerable value for you. If you need to restore any information on disks, the best solution is to take advantage of Disk Recovery Wizard. Disk Recovery Wizard provides a good combination of sophisticated technology and the necessary user friendliness. And it is very important not to be late, because it is better to recover any important information as soon as possible. The faster you will make it, the more chances of success you’ll get. Remember, while you are waiting, some information can be lost forever. It is well known that each disk write reduces your chances of getting your data back. Just download Disk Recovery Wizard now and recover data on your disk while it is not too late.

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hard disk tech

Hard Drive Technologies in Disk Recovery Wizard

Everybody knows that losing information is very easy, but getting it back is not so. There are some distressing situations when your hard disk can’t find information. The data can be corrupted because of many reasons: a system crash, software malfunctions, malware or just end-user actions. At some moment you just understand the reality: missing, inconsistent, or corrupted files, or even corrupted, inaccessible or unbootable disks. Earlier you could panic, but not now. All you should know is that today there are some proper tools which can help to recover any data on your hard drive. Disk Recovery Wizard is the best (of course!) It can get your data back easily and quickly for almost free if you compare the cost of your time to a mere price of the product.

It is not hard to select the correct tool in any case, if you are choosing between a wide range of products offered by Wizard Recovery Company. Disk Recovery Wizard can unformat formatted disks and recover re-partitioned hard drives easy and fast. It can help to recover more than 150 types of files, which include text documents, audio files, movies, pictures and even some archives like RAR and ZIP

All products of Wizard Recovery Company include sophisticated data recovery technologies. The Smart Scan technology allows to recover most files and data from badly damaged, reformatted and repartitioned disks. Live Preview allows to see real live previews of every recoverable document just before the recovery. This technology helps to make a better decision on recovering files by allowing users to preview their content before the recovery process. Live Preview not just displays full-size previews of documents, pictures, archives and multimedia files, but also does it carefully enough not to do any damage to the original file or disk.

As you know, the reliability of modern hard drives is great but not perfect at all. Losing data is still easily possible because of mechanical faults or system crashes. So, if you don’t want to miss important data irretrievably, download Disk Recovery Wizard and use all the benefits of it. Do not miss the chance!

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hard disk failure

Surviving Through a Hard Disk Failure

Data loss always comes unexpected. System failures, malware, and accidental user activities cause loss of important information that can take days to recover. Educating about your options in case of a hard drive failure is utterly important to ensure safety of your data.

Numerous companies offer a variety of data recovery products helping you to recover lost data at the comfort and privacy of your home or office. Wizard Recovery Company is one of such companies, offering a full line of data recovery products to help users survive through all kinds of data loss. A variety of products solves more or less the same problem, but does it in different ways and requires different levels of user experience. This article discusses the various disk recovery options, allowing you to choose the best data recovery product to solve your particular problem.

If you only have NTFS formatted drives, which represent a majority of all modern disks, NTFS Recovery Wizard will serve you just as well as Disk Recovery Wizard, only for less money. Priced at under $100, NTFS Recovery Wizard will repair the damage to NTFS formatted disks and partitions and recover files and data from NTFS volumes.

There are situations when you don’t care much about the integrity of the file system or the partition table; all you want is getting your files back. If this is the case, you will be better served by Undelete Wizard, a dedicated data recovery tool that will rescue your files and data from FAT and NTFS partitions for under $40.

All data recovery tools by Wizard Recovery Company feature the unique signature-search technology to reliably recover supported types of files from badly damaged and inaccessible disks, and Live Preview, which gives the ability to preview recoverable files before saving them. Both technologies are fully enabled in the free evaluation versions of all Wizard Recovery Company products as well as in the full versions. All products by Wizard Recovery Company feature the company’s signature step-by-step wizard interface with full guidance, helping even the least experienced users to recover lost data reliably. The interface is designed to never leave place to harmful errors that could ruin the damaged disk.

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data recovery options

Your Data Recovery Options with Wizard Recovery Company

With the abundance of various data recovery products on the market, which one is the right solution for you? You can always get the most expensive solution, but will it be the best investment? This article explores opportunities to save on data recovery products sold by Wizard Recovery Company, a renowned expert on the data recovery market.

Undelete Wizard recovers files and data from FAT and NTFS partitions, including damaged and inaccessible disks, yet it does not repair the file system, partition tables or the MBR. Priced at just $40, Undelete Wizard represents the greatest value-for-money among all data recovery tools by Wizard Recovery Company.

Finally, if you only want to recover certain types of files, an ideal tool for you would be a specialized one. Office Recovery Wizard makes recovering documents produced by all applications from Microsoft Office suite and OpenOffice package a simple matter of clicking Next. At under $99, Office Recovery Wizard is still a bargain for busy office environments where every minute counts.

Music and movie fans will appreciate Media Recovery Wizard, a dedicated multimedia recovery tool that costs $40. Media Recovery Wizard can undelete or recover music files such as MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC and many others, as well as many video formats such as AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG4, and DiVX.

All Wizard Recovery Company products make the recovery easy and simple thanks to the interactive step-by-step user interface with full guidance. The innovative user interface makes dangerous errors completely impossible, allowing even novice computer users to safely recover after a hard drive failure. Another convenience offered by Wizard Recovery Company in all of its data recovery products is Live Preview, a feature available in both free and full versions of Wizard Recovery Company’s products that allows users to preview recoverable files before saving them.

Wizard Recovery Company developed Power Search, an innovative data recovery algorithm allowing reliable recovery of supported files from badly damaged, formatted and inaccessible media.

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hard disk recovery

Emergency data recovery made simple with Disk Recovery Wizard

Disk Recovery Wizard is a complete solution for new and experienced computer users in need of recovering lost and deleted data from different kinds of storage media. The new data recovery software by Wizard Recovery Company automates the process of recovering erased and corrupted files to the point where only a few clicks are required. No cumbersome choices and no tough questions to answer; simply selecting the disk, specifying the task and picking files to recover does the job on both FAT and NTFS file systems.

While there is no shortage of various data recovery tools on the market, Disk Recovery Wizard is special when it comes to mixing advanced technologies with usability. Sophisticated data recovery algorithms ensure that every file lost is discovered and recovered. The proprietary signature-search algorithm scans the file system and then the entire surface of the hard drive in order to locate the beginning and end of each file in a recognized format. Supporting more than 500 different file formats, Disk Recovery Wizard ensures safe recovery of the most important files such as office documents, spreadsheets and presentations, databases, digital pictures, multimedia files such as music and video in a variety of formats, compressed archives such as ZIP and RAR, and many more. Signature search works by matching data read from the disk against a database of supported formats, and analyzing file headers in order to determine the exact length of a file as well as its other attributes.

Considering the level of technologies used, Disk Recovery Wizard is surprisingly easy to use. Designed with ordinary computer users in mind, Disk Recovery Wizard does not ask any tricky questions or offers cumbersome options. Instead, it provides a legible, straightforward and simple to follow wizard-based path to data recovery. The convenient wizard interface operates by asking simple questions such as “Which of the following disks would you like to recover?” and displaying options such as the list of hard drives, memory cards, and external storage devices attached to your computer.

Disk Recovery Wizard can recover files that were accidentally erased, deleted from the Recycle Bin, or lost as a result of a system failure. It can successfully handle all types of internal (IDE, SCSI, ATA, SATA) and external (USB, FireWire) hard drives, memory cards including SD, xD, Compact Flash, SONY MemoryStick, MMC, SDHC, and a host of other devices. Supporting flash drives, USB thumb-drives and direct recovery from digital cameras, Disk Recovery Wizard is a truly universal recovery tool.

While no one can guarantee a 100% recovery success rate, Disk Recovery Wizard comes close by providing full pre-recovery preview on supported types of files, more than 500 in total. LivePreview displays documents, pictures, archives and many multimedia files without requiring any third-party software or libraries installed. LivePreview works in both free and registered modes, allowing evaluation users to ensure that their data is really recoverable.

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disk recovery

Disk Recovery Wizard Gets a Facelift

One of the most popular data recovery products on the market, Disk Recovery Wizard, gets a major facelift. Its manufacturer, WizardRecovery Inc., updates the disk recovery tool with a host of additional file formats, simplified user interface, and better pre-recovery preview. The newest release of the hard drive recovery tool boosts the number of supported file formats to 230.

Disk Recovery Wizard offers Windows users a complete set of hard disk recovery tools to successfully undelete deleted files and recover lost data, as well as repair corrupted partitions. Supporting all types and revisions of FAT and NTFS file systems and running under all versions of Windows up to latest Windows Vista, Windows 7, and 2008 Server, Disk Recovery Wizard gives users just the right hard disk recovery tool to recover corrupted disks, undelete erased files and folders, and unformat formatted partitions. The NTFS recovery tool can fix most types of damage on NTFS drives, while all types of corrupted disks, inaccessible hard drives and partitions, unbootable and repartitioned hard drives can be repaired. The data recovery tool supports all kinds of storage media including desktop and laptop hard drives, USB disks, memory cards, and flash sticks.

To successfully recover data from corrupted, damaged and formatted hard drives and other media, Disk Recovery Wizard relies on a sophisticated hard disk recovery and data recovery engine called PowerSearch. PowerSearch uses a database of file signatures to detect known types of files during the disk scan. By performing full disk scans with database-fed signature detection, PowerSearch is able to successfully locate and recover files that no longer appear in the file system.

The database of recognizable file formats is essential for successful data recovery and PowerSearch operation. The more formats it supports, the more types of files can be recovered from damaged, formatted and inaccessible storage media. The latest edition of Disk Recovery Wizard improves hard disk recovery by adding multiple new file formats to the database, boosting the number of recognizable types of files to around 230. The newest version of the NTFS recovery tool can therefore recover more types of files than competition.

The same database of recognizable file formats feeds another signature feature of Disk Recovery Wizard, the Live Preview. Live Preview allows users to view recoverable files before restoring them. The latest release of Disk Recovery Wizard is able to preview more types of files than competition, driving the number of supported formats to about 230.

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hard disk data recovery

Data Recovery Software for Anyone

If something happens to your hard drive, files or data, do you know your choices of data recovery options? With the abundance of data recovery solutions by various manufacturers, it becomes harder and harder to make an informed decision. WizardRecovery Company offers a whole line of data recovery tools to help you fix the consequences of just about anything that could happen to your hard drive, flash memory cards or other media. This article attempts to educate consumers about their options in data recovery by analyzing WizardRecovery’s like of recovery products.

Crashed Disks, Formatted Partitions, Repartitioned Drives

If you’ve formatted a partition by accident or were attacked by a virus, repartitioned a hard drive or can no longer access a disk, you may want to fix the disk and get it up and running without losing your files and data. If that’s the case, Disk Recovery Wizard will help you by recovering files and data, repairing FAT and NTFS partitions, unformating the disk, or fixing partition tables and MBR without the need to send the disk to a data recovery company. Disk Recovery Wizard is designed to be used by users with little or no prior experience in data recovery, and works completely automatically.

Deleted Files, Lost Data Special Issues

You can save even more if you only need to recover specific file types. For example, Media Recovery Wizard will recover digital pictures from hard disks, digital cameras and flash memory cards. If you shoot RAW, Media Recovery Wizard can recover RAW files as well. Office Recovery Wizard fixes lost or deleted files by Microsoft Office.

Common Technologies

Every product offered by WizardRecovery Company bears several unique technologies that are rarely available in products with similar price tags. Smart Scan scans the entire surface of the disk in order to locate and recover more than 150 types of files. The technology helps recover data from reformatted and repartitioned disks and hard drives with damaged or missing file system. Live Preview helps to make a better decision on recovering files by allowing users to preview their content before the recovery. Both technologies work in free as well as full versions of WizardRecovery’s products. Download and try data recovery tool!

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