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Disk recovery and file undelete made easy with a step-by-step wizard.

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Disk and Data Recovery Made Easy

Virus attacks, system failures, accidentally deleted files, disrupting user errors... That couldn’t happen to us… or could it? As a matter of fact, failures and user errors causing severe disk corruption and loss of valuable data can happen to anyone. While having a fresh backup of everything of value could certainly help, not many people actually do backups. Do you have a plan if this happens to you?

Recover Your Data

Imagine a day when you couldn't access your office documents or your e-mail, or lost your family photo albums or the entire collection of your favorite songs. It's not a pleasant consideration. Recovering lost and deleted files or restoring data from a damaged, formatted or repartitioned disk is a number one priority should anything bad happen to your valuable data. While just a few years ago your best option would be bringing the disk in question to a professional data recovery service, this is no longer so. Today, it is entirely possible to recover a damaged disk by yourself. Equipped with the right tools, you can do the same job or better than any recovery service – even if you’ve never done it before!

Disk Recovery Wizard manufactured by WizardRecovery Company provides a fully automated way to recover deleted files and data from corrupted disks and partitions. Employing an easy and simple wizard-like interface,Disk Recovery Wizard does not require any prior experience in data recovery in order to fix your disk and data. The Easy Recovery Wizard conceals complicated data recovery algorithms and presents an easy, usable step-by-step interface that makes complete recovery possible by simply clicking “Next”.

What Is It For?

Disk Recovery Wizard is invaluable when undeleting deleted files, recovering formatted partitions, restoring repartitioned hard drives and fixing the damage. Disk Recovery Wizard has no problem operating on inaccessible disks, unpartitioned hard drives or damaged media. Even if Windows cannot boot or does not see a disk, Disk Recovery Wizard can still recover your data from that drive.

Years of research and development ensured that the highest technologies made their way to Disk Recovery Wizard. Thanks to the proprietary low-level disk recovery engine, Disk Recovery Wizard will help you in many situations.

With Disk Recovery Wizard, you can easily undelete files removed from Windows Recycle Bin, but the product is not limited to just that. You can recover latest versions of files from damaged and inaccessible disks, undelete deleted files and documents, and recover hundreds of different types of files with PowerSearch even if the disk is severely damages. Disk Recovery Wizard allows you to discover and fix lost or deleted partitions automatically and recover Master Boot Record and partition tables, effectively restoring hard disks after system failures. The product can unformat FAT and NTFS formatted drives.

Disk Recovery Wizard Philosophy

What makes Disk Recovery Wizard different from Windows ScanDisk and similar tools is its set of priorities. Disk Recovery Wizard gives top priority to your data, prioritizing the recovery of valuable information such as office documents, compressed archives and backups, photo albums, video and multimedia files. Unlike Windows ScanDisk, Disk Recovery Wizard backs up the files first to a safe place, well before it attempts to repair the damaged media.

Sophisticated Recovery Technologies at Your Fingertips

Innovative and highly sophisticated disk scan algorithms ensure that no file escapes the attention of recovery engine no matter how severe the damage is. The unique PowerSearch technology performs the most comprehensive analysis of your disk in order to locate every recoverable file. Scanning the entire surface of the hard disk and matching the result against information obtained from the file system, PowerSearch locates lost and deleted files by matching the content of the sectors on your hard disk against a list of signatures that are specific to certain file formats. For example, RAR archives always start with “Rar!” while ZIP archives start with “PK”. PowerSearch is able to detect and successfully recover files in hundreds of different formats.

Is It For Real?

No one can give you a 100% guarantee that a certain file could be recovered. A file could be overwritten by Windows or physically damaged. Yet, Disk Recovery Wizard comes really close! Its signature Live Preview feature works even in the free edition. The Disk Recovery Wizard implementation of Live Preview not only displays a full-size preview of documents, pictures, archives and multimedia files, but does it carefully enough not to do any damage to the original file or disk. Live Preview does not write anything onto the damaged disk, or any disk if that matters; instead, it stores the recoverable file in the computer’s operating memory. Live Preview fully guarantees successful recovery if you see the preview.


Disk Recovery Wizard supports all versions of Windows including the latest Windows Vista and 2008 Server, and works on disks formatted with all revisions of FAT and NTFS file systems.

About WizardRecovery Company

WizardRecovery Company adds magic to technology, transforming a complicated process of data recovery into a magically easy spell. WizardRecovery Company delivers usable products appreciated by thousands of customers every year. Repairing damage and fixing corruption that happens to hard drives, memory cards and other storage media is the ultimate goal of WizardRecovery Company.

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