hard disk recovery

Emergency data recovery made simple with Disk Recovery Wizard

Disk Recovery Wizard is a complete solution for new and experienced computer users in need of recovering lost and deleted data from different kinds of storage media. The new data recovery software by Wizard Recovery Company automates the process of recovering erased and corrupted files to the point where only a few clicks are required. No cumbersome choices and no tough questions to answer; simply selecting the disk, specifying the task and picking files to recover does the job on both FAT and NTFS file systems.

While there is no shortage of various data recovery tools on the market, Disk Recovery Wizard is special when it comes to mixing advanced technologies with usability. Sophisticated data recovery algorithms ensure that every file lost is discovered and recovered. The proprietary signature-search algorithm scans the file system and then the entire surface of the hard drive in order to locate the beginning and end of each file in a recognized format. Supporting more than 500 different file formats, Disk Recovery Wizard ensures safe recovery of the most important files such as office documents, spreadsheets and presentations, databases, digital pictures, multimedia files such as music and video in a variety of formats, compressed archives such as ZIP and RAR, and many more. Signature search works by matching data read from the disk against a database of supported formats, and analyzing file headers in order to determine the exact length of a file as well as its other attributes.

Considering the level of technologies used, Disk Recovery Wizard is surprisingly easy to use. Designed with ordinary computer users in mind, Disk Recovery Wizard does not ask any tricky questions or offers cumbersome options. Instead, it provides a legible, straightforward and simple to follow wizard-based path to data recovery. The convenient wizard interface operates by asking simple questions such as “Which of the following disks would you like to recover?” and displaying options such as the list of hard drives, memory cards, and external storage devices attached to your computer.

Disk Recovery Wizard can recover files that were accidentally erased, deleted from the Recycle Bin, or lost as a result of a system failure. It can successfully handle all types of internal (IDE, SCSI, ATA, SATA) and external (USB, FireWire) hard drives, memory cards including SD, xD, Compact Flash, SONY MemoryStick, MMC, SDHC, and a host of other devices. Supporting flash drives, USB thumb-drives and direct recovery from digital cameras, Disk Recovery Wizard is a truly universal recovery tool.

While no one can guarantee a 100% recovery success rate, Disk Recovery Wizard comes close by providing full pre-recovery preview on supported types of files, more than 500 in total. LivePreview displays documents, pictures, archives and many multimedia files without requiring any third-party software or libraries installed. LivePreview works in both free and registered modes, allowing evaluation users to ensure that their data is really recoverable.

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