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#1: What is data recovery software?

A general category of software tools to undelete files, fix and recover lost data is called data recovery software. This includes a basic toolkit, a diagnostic tool, and advanced functions for recovering data on hard disks regardless of the file system used.

#2: What types of files can your program restore?

Our data recovery products can recover 225 various types, including system files that are necessary to boot Windows after a system failure, office documents, digital pictures, compressed archives such as ZIP and RAR, email, databases, music, video, and many other types of files. Note that you can recover files from hard drives as well as from removable storage media such as Secure Digital, Compact Flash, SmartMedia, SONY Memory Stick, ZIP drives, USB hard drives, etc.

#3: How long does it take to recover data?

It depends. Standard procedure is divided into several stages: scanning the disk, choosing recoverable files, selecting with LivePreview, actual recovery, and so on. Therefore, depending on the exact type of the problem, size of your hard drive and your computerís speed, restoring your data can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 5 hours.

#4: How to restore accidentally deleted files?

If you have deleted a file by an accident, do not despair. Be aware that Windows never deletes files completely; instead, it simply marks space on the hard disk occupied by that file as available for storage of other files or programs. Therefore, you should limit computer uses until the file is not restored while taking advantage of our data recovery software to undelete those files.

#5: What is PowerSearch?

PowerSearch is a powerful diagnostic tool for deep scanning hard disks in order to locate recoverable files much more reliably than allowed by other data recovery tools. Scanning the entire surface of the hard disk, PowerSearch carefully analyzes every sector in order to match information obtained from the disk with data it reads from the file system, if there is still one present on the disk. PowerSearch can recover supported types of files even if the file system is severely damaged or completely missing.

#6: I have formatted a disk by an accident. How can I restore my data now?

Use Disk Recovery Wizard to scan the hard drive. After the scan is completed, look up the folder marked with red "X" to find recoverable files. The PowerSearch technology can recover supported types of files even if you format or repartition the disk.

#7: I deleted a bunch of files, what should I do to restore them without paying a fortune for a product Iíll likely use once in a lifetime?

Contact our Technical Support Service and tell us what types files you need to restore. Our data recovery experts will help you choose the most cost-effective solution.

#8: My registration key is not working.

Please contact our Customer Support Service with your first and last names in plain English. Weíll help you figure out whatís wrong.

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