fixing deleted files

Fixing Deleted Files A Guide for the Rest of Us

Anyone can empty their Windows Recycle Bin during routine computer cleanup and maintenance, but what if that sleek basket was used to keep the really important stuff? The sleek bin icon looks so cute that it begs putting the files in there! But then the files start disappearing from the bin mysteriously, you get in trouble.

If you are like most of us, you will probably turn to the Internet in order to find a solution to your problem. You might be reading this article right after emptying your Recycle Bin in a hope to get a good advice on how to get your files back. Well, the first word of advice after ‘Don’t panic!’ is: hold still! Don’t download anything just yet before you learn the important rules that maximize your chances of getting your data back.

If you follow the first advice, you’ll minimize access to the hard drive that contains the deleted files, thus increasing your chances of successful data recovery. Avoid writing, saving or storing anything onto that disk for now. You do need a data recovery tool to undelete your files, but if you download it from the Internet and install it onto the same partition where the deleted files were, you’ll probably miss your chance and won’t get anything back.

What Is Undelete Wizard?

Undelete Wizard is a tool to recover the files you removed from the Recycle Bin as well as other deleted files. The wizard will find the files you deleted and recover them easily and automatically.

Undelete Wizard can be used by advanced and novice computer users, providing the same reliable file recovery in an easy-to-use package. The convenient, wizard-like user interface allows novice users recover files completely automatically, while the many advanced features make Undelete Wizard attractive to advanced users and data recovery professionals. The high-tech is hidden under the hood, allowing novice users to avoid common mistakes that may lead to less than stellar data recovery results. Undelete Wizard locates and recovers your documents, digital pictures and ZIP and RAR archives first hand, ensuring the correct recovery for the most important files on your system. Even if random parts of these files are missing if have been overwritten, Undelete Wizard still recovers the documents and repairs them so that you can use them without a problem.

There are many undelete and unerase products out there, every single one offering to undelete your files and recover your documents. But how many stand up to their promises? Are they worth your money if you can’t test their claims? Try Undelete Wizard Wizard for absolutely free! The free version will display complete previews of the deleted files and documents, assuring that the complete recovery is possible. Download your free copy Undelete Wizard.

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