Step-by-Step User Manual of Office Recovery Wizard

Recover lost or deleted office documents the easy way

Office Recovery Wizard Box

Downloading and Installing Office Recovery Wizard

Click on a Download button to start downloading office_recovery_wizard_setup.exe and click "save" button, select the location and wait while download process is complited.

Install Office Recovery Wizard as normal, except for the following warning.

WARNING: Do not download, save or install Office Recovery Wizard onto the disk that contains data to be recovered. It is highly possible that you may damage or overwrite the recoverable files while installing Office Recovery Wizard. Do install it onto a separate disk or external storage device (e.g. USB memory drive, remote or network drive, CD/DVD, etc.)

Registering Office Recovery Wizard

To register your copy, order your personal product key with "Help" "Order Now", or by clicking "Help" "About" and selecting Buy Now. If you already have your key, use "Input Key" to enter your registration data. Click "OK" to dismiss the dialog.

TIP: You can perform the complete disk scan before ordering Office Recovery Wizard. Entering a registration key is easily possible on the last step of the recovery process, immediately before Office Recovery Wizard starts saving the recoverable files.

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