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Recover Hard Disks by Magic

The reliability of modern hard drives is great but not perfect. Losing one’s data is still easily possible because of mechanical faults or system crashes. What would you do if you lost your files?

Why Did It Happen?

The first step of any data recovery process is also the most important. Determining the reason of data corruption has ultimate meaning to data security and recoverability. Was the hard drive at fault? Files disappeared after a system failure? Windows crashed while you were editing a Word document? Can’t access a hard drive after a power outage? These are all valid yet very different cases, and each of them requires a specific approach and dedicated tools if you want to recover your data successfully.

Faulty Hard Disk

If your hard drive is unable to spin up, your only option is bringing the faulty disk to the data recovery lab in order to save what can still be saved. Modern hard disks are not worth repairing, as your data is worth much more than the disk that holds your files.

Corrupted File System

If, however, you can hear the disk spinning, you can probably fix the corrupted file system yourself – provided that you’re given proper tools.

Not sure if you can recover your disk and data yourself? Disk Recovery Wizard works completely automatically after asking you a few simple questions about the disks and files you want to recover. Its intuitive, wizard-based interface conveniently guides you through the recovery process. Being simple to use, Disk Recovery Wizard is not a simple tool. The advanced disk and data recovery algorithms make it one of the most powerful data recovery tools on the market. Any data recovery application can undelete the deleted Recycle Bin items, but only a few are able to do it after you do it over and over again. Disk Recovery Wizard carefully reconstructs your files and documents to make sure you can actually use the recovered documents, pictures and archives even if some parts of them have been overwritten with other data.

Deleted Files

If you deleted important files by an accident, it is easy to get them back with Disk Recovery Wizard. Unerase deleted files in a matter of minutes with the same convenient wizard!

Are you on the edge of technology? Using the newest and latest hardware? Disk Recovery Wizard fully supports the huge disks of today formatted with any version of FAT or NTFS file systems in any version of Windows since the ancient Windows 95 to the newest Vista. A fully automatic data recovery is easily possible from local hard drives as well as digital photo cameras, memory cards, SD, CompactFlash, Memory Stick and USB drives. Get your copy of this Data Recovery Software now.

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